Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ants Marching

Every morning I commute to the Chicago Loop for work. I actually enjoy commuting because I don't have to worry about highway traffic. Don't get me started on Chicago's traffic. I turn into an evil person when I get stuck in it, or even think about it. So let's not go there! Instead, I take the glamorous Metra train from just outside the city. It's heaven-sent, I always have a seat (shocking, I know!); you "L" riders know how cherished something like that is.

The Metra is just one big carpool, with the same people over and over again. It's comfortable; it's a routine. It's nice to see the same riders and conductors every morning; we're like family. Okay, I don't actually talk to any of them, but I pretend to know them. When the conductor flashes me a wink, I feel like I should know him. That would be the only reason why a wink would be somewhat appropriate.

The Metra is usually right on time, except for the rare occasion (like this morning) when there is a "pedestrian-train incident." It's always eye-opening when I hear that announcement. It makes my heart skip a beat, I can feel the reaction all around me. I actually notice the person standing next to me for once, and strike up a conversation about what happened. The news forces me wake up a little quicker, and I immediately start paying more attention to those train bells.

But enough about that traumatizing part of train commuting. I'm going to brush off my shoulders and think happy thoughts. The best part of my morning routine is a cup from my local coffee shop. The Brothers K. This place makes the best latte in the world. The latte art is beautiful; and the coffee so well-balanced. It's not bitter and is served the perfect temperature with just enough sweetness. It's a treat for me. I look forward to it. It drags me out of bed in the morning.

One morning, I got one of these. It made my day.

I heart you too, Brothers K!

Tomorrow, I'm going to get up and do it all over again.


Photo Credits: Serhio, CoffeeGeek, and RebeccaAnne

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    I loved taking the Metra. I completely miss it.