Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What Did You Just Call Me?

I Twitter. I think some of you may as well; it's just another form of communication in this technological world of ours. I follow a musician named Dave Barnes. Not only is Dave a very talented singer/songwriter/guitarist, but he's painfully funny too. Today he "tweeted" about a common gripe with the iPhone. Those of you that have an iPhone know that it has an "automatic spelling correction" feature. Sometimes, it replaces the word that you have typed with a word that is nowhere near what you meant. So, this morning Dave shared his funniest spelling mishaps.

Here are just a few examples...

(click here to read his post, highly recommended!)

(WARNING: you will laugh out loud!)

The first word is the replacement word.

The second word is what he meant.

Also listed is the usage, in quotations.

cibgars - congrats

"Hey man! Cibgars on the success of your new cd's release!" - You have to be careful of this one, because cibgars in Dutch means "death to you through violent witch attacks."

lady - last

Upon meeting someone recently, i texted him, "Hey Shawn! Great to meet you the other night! What's your lady name?" To which he responded, "Veronica".

I'm - jj

"JJ so excited for you guys!" Not only is my other personality named JJ, but he speaks like Tarzan.

Judy - just

"Yeah! I was Judy there!"
I must have sent this when i was hanging out with Veronica.


Dave just tweeted "iPhone mistypes part deux" - hilarious!


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