Monday, July 13, 2009

Don't Knock It Till You've Tried It



Yes, Oklahoma.

It really was a fun trip; unforgettable. I was in Tulsa, Oklahoma for a weekend in May. My expectations weren't high (tumbleweeds? how could I be so stereotypical!); I had never visited the Great Plains before. But to my surprise, it was lovely! The good things you hear about "Midwest charm" became evident immediately upon my arrival. Everything moved a little bit slower out there, and it felt...good. Refreshing. It felt necessary. It was the exact opposite of what I was used to; downtown Chicago claustrophobia. I checked into a bed and breakfast, The McBirney Mansion. It was quaint, quiet, clean (oh so important!), and hospitable. It was perfect. Really, if money wasn't an issue, I don't know if I would have ever left. I mean, they could have offered to hire me, how rude! Just kidding!

The McBirney Mansion overlooks the Arkansas River. Every morning I was served a huge multi-course gourmet breakfast. And, every morning I was blithely told by Jana, their genuinely sweet Innkeeper, "alright, now you don't have to eat lunch!" Then, I rolled myself out the front door to explore.

The weather was priceless; crystal clear skies and at least 90 degrees everyday. I would definitely put up with 105 degree days in the summer for slightly less snow throughout the year.

Who would have thought that Tulsa, Oklahoma would have one of the nicest art museums that I have ever been to? Really, this place is stunning! I highly recommend the Philbrook.

But...they did have an exhibit that gave me nightmares for days.

They certainly have a lot of love for their town. Having been there, I now know why. I brought home an assortment of "Okie Doke" and "I heart Tulsa" souvenirs for myself. My apartment now gives the impression that Tulsa is my hometown, but hush, please don't tell anyone I'm not from there! In return, I promise to send you to Tulsa to experience it for yourself (sure, sure, I really mean it, just write me a check and I'll book it for you!).

And, why was I there to begin with do you ask?

(Eh, you asked, right?)

Well because I was invited, that's why! It all started in 1997 with a band called Hanson. And yes, they have grown up and produced even better songs than "mmmbop." They go above and beyond to give back to their fans; and invited a group of us to a private concert in their hometown. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience. Their music will always "move me, sooth me, and fill my heart and soul with the roots of rock and roll."


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