Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Make It A Movie Night!

I'm an avid subscriber of Netflix - I seriously think it's the best thing since peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Although, lately my rental activity has been less than pleasing. Can someone please explain to me why I felt the urge to rent Dance Flick? Or Adventureland? I was not impressed with Duplicity. I Love You, Man was not Paul Rudd's best work, even though I adore him. Sunshine Cleaning was charming in a grim sort of way, but it didn't blow me away.

The good news is, last night, my luck changed. State of Play arrived in my mailbox. This was just what I needed. I lust after a good thriller, especially a good politcal thriller. The film opens with a fast pace through the streets of Washington D.C. - lots of dark corners, alleyways, and gunshots. Then we're introduced to Cal (Russell Crowe), a reporter, and Della (Rachel McAdams), a blogger, at The Washington Globe. Cal is an old-time journalist who works a little slower than his peers and has a certain charisma that works in his favor. He doesn't want to write a story for the headlines - he prefers to get the facts and print only the truth.

After Congressman Collins (Ben Affleck), the old college roommate and friend of Cal, tearfully announces the death of one of his Congressional aides, we learn that the Congressman and his aide we're a little more than colleagues - they had an affair. In the midst of four murders, a sex scandal, the disappearance of the aide to Congressman Collins, and the Congressman's investigation on a private security group that plans to monopolize homeland security - Cal and Della start sneaking around for answers.

At first, Cameron (Helen Mirren), the editor of The Washington Globe, immediately wants to run the story regardless of whether or not it's fact or fiction, to save their failing paper. But as things fall into place, and Cal and Della uncover more pieces to the puzzle and their connections, Cameron realizes that they have an inside story at their fingertips and that the shocking truth is about to be revealed.

Just as you think you know what's going on, something else is unraveled that will have you rethinking your theory. The film movies along quickly, and I promise you'll be at the edge of your seat. The final moments will surprise you. Other notable cast include Jeff Daniels, Jason Bateman, and Robin Wright Penn. Only after I finished the film did I realize it was based on a BBC series staring James McAvoy and Bill Nighy, which I've never seen, but I'm now tempted to rent.


Photo Credits: Universal Pictures


  1. I loved that movie and netflix. But I too was not using my head when I got Dance Flick.

  2. I know, right? I couldn't even get through the first 20 minutes, I turned it off and put in State of Play immediately! :)

  3. I loved your '5 Things' post on Oh, Mishka. And of course, I could use some more optimism on my blogs to follow list. :)