Friday, September 4, 2009

'Tis The Season

I'm planning a trip to my local farmer's market tomorrow to stock up on fresh fruits and veggies for my week. I would love to start creating weekly meals revolving around what is in season - I truly believe in the Slow Food Movement. Although I love the market, sometimes I get overwhelmed because I never know how to best use seasonal produce. For example, in Illinois, eggplant is in season - but other than eggplant parmesan, how else can I prepare it?

Well, my problem has been solved! I found this wonderful resource on Epicurious this morning. It's a Peak-Season Ingredient Map. You select the present month, click on your state, and it will then give you a list of ingredients that are currently in season in your area. Once you find the ingredient you have purchased (or plan on purchasing), you can click on it and Epicurious will present you with an abundance of recipes!

Bon Appetit!


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